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Raffael’s Walpole Wedding | Michelle + Jerry

If you love all things classic with a hint of sparkle and a beautiful love story, you’re going to love Michelle and Jerry’s Raffael’s Walpole wedding photos. This past weekend began a new wedding season and it could not have been more beautiful for one of the sweetest couples, Michelle and Jerry!! Their Raffael’s Walpole wedding photos are filled with the warmest moments, tears of joy, exuberant celebration and fun, and an endearing chapter of a love story that’s only beginning.

Last spring while visiting the Cape with family, Jerry planned the perfect proposal with all things Disney because Michelle loves Disney!! He even made Will You Marry Me signs in the classic Disney font. Isn’t that the sweetest!!

She said yes, and fast forward a year later and they are married!! I shared more about their loved story here for with their engagement session photos.

Michelle was such a gorgeous bride and she indeed looked like a princess from head to toe. Literally. She wore a beautiful jeweled accented veil and her adorable Kate Spade Keds in what I’m calling bridal turquoise were the best!

Their day began with the bridal party getting ready at a nearby hotel.

I love that they exchanged gifts and had them delivered by the maid of honor and best man.

There were joyful tears all day, and one of those moments happened when Michelle and her dad shared a first look. He could not hold back the tears as he saw his baby girl in her wedding gown. Love!!

After a short drive to Raffael’s, we headed outside for bridal party photos. While there had been bouts of snow and rain earlier during the week, the sun came out and the temperatures warmed up for their day.

The gazebo area at Raffael’s Walpole was filled with evergreens that I was able to use as a backdrop to hide the snow and make some beautiful photos of them.

After the bridal party photos, we tucked the bride and groom away for the start of the ceremony.

When Michelle turned the corner with her father to walk down the aisle, the tears began to flow from Jerry’s eyes as his beautiful bride made her way towards him.

Their ceremony began with a sweet description of each chapter written in their story from their first date, Jerry asking Michelle to marry him and the moments leading up to their wedding day.

They were beaming with joy as they walked back down the aisle together as husband and wife.

We headed back outside for a few bridal party photos and portraits of just the two them.

The celebration would continue as they entered the ballroom announced as Mr and Mrs with the cheering of their family and friends with streamers in hand.

Michelle and Jerry, you two are the sweetest and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you both and be part of your beautiful day.  Michelle, my answer is a definite yes to that question that you asked me at the end of the night:). I’m sending hugs your way, and I hope that you are enjoying your honeymoon at the happiest place on Earth.  Much love to you both!!!! xo, Shawon

Here are a few favorites and beautiful moment from their Raffael’s Walpole wedding photos. Enjoy!

Raffael’s Walpole Wedding Photos

Rings from Raffael's Wedding Photos

Bride getting ready for Raffael's wedding photos

Bride getting ready for Raffael's wedding photos

Details getting ready for Raffael's wedding photos

Raffael's Walpole Wedding PhotosRaffael's Walpole Wedding Photos

Bride and Groom  romantic photos at Raffael's Walpole wedding photos located in Walpole, MA

 Reception decor at Raffael's wedding photos located in Walpole, MA

 Bride dancing with grandfather Raffael's wedding photos located in Walpole, MA Raffael's wedding photos located in Walpole, MA Raffael's wedding photos located in Walpole, MA

Creative Vendor Team

Venue: Raffaels Walpole

Florist: Judy’s Village Flowers 

Hair and Makeup: Arnie Pethjam, Artiste Hair Studio

DJ: Allstar Entertainment and Uplighting, Michael

Cake: Montilio’s Bakery

Live Musician: Rob Ranney

Photography: Shawon Davis Photography

Shawon Davis is a Boston-based Wedding Photographer and available for travel.  She is currently booking weddings for 2019 couples who believe in holding on tight to what matters most.  Contact her here.

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My Journey to Becoming a Photographer – Part I

Today, I’m sharing part one of my journey to becoming a photographer.  I’m excited and nervous and excited all over again to share this with you!!

If you would have told me almost 7 years ago that I’d be a photographer, I would not have believed you. Well, I’m excited to share my “Becoming a Photographer” story with you friends!! Part II will be coming soon. Shout out to a young YouTuber named Greta for the best iMovie instructions to help me make this happen! I hope you enjoy Part I.

Warmly, Shawon


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from me to YOU!!  How are you celebrating LOVE day today?!  I’m wearing an extra wide smile because a box from Farmgirl Flowers was waiting for me when I got home yesterday.  I told my husband that I spotted the box as soon as my car hit the driveway. LOL! He’s the BEST!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

To me, Valentine’s Day is a great day to let those that you love know just how much you appreciate them!  It’s a great bonus day to spend time with your favorite person, and it’s a great time to let others know that you’re thinking about them!

Speaking of which, I’m thinking about YOU!!

Last week, I shared my top five things that I’ve been doing in the wedding off season.  The post should have been titled five of the 105 things that I’ve been doing, but that title wasn’t catchy enough for Google.  

So much is brewing here in the studio these days, and I want to make sure that we keep in touch!  

I promise not to share all of my 105 things, but you’d be the first to know when something new is rolling out, a promotion is released, and you’d be the first to know about super, top-secret happenings.

If you could take a moment to say yes and sign up for the Newsletter here, I will send you the biggest virtual hug!!

So excited to stay in touch with you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!




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5 Things I’m Doing in the Off Season

Today, I’m sharing 5 things I’m doing in the off season as I’m currently looking at another batch of snow falling outside my office window that is much prettier than my desk right now which is filled with my camera, a tasty Starbucks strawberry green tea, Powersheets, planner, papers, and my favorite pens.

I’m doing important stuff and those are all the necessary items for doing important stuff.

Often I’m asked, what do I do in the off season when there is snow falling outside and beautiful weddings aren’t filling my weekends.
Although it may seem that there’s not much for me to do, trust me, there is SO much that happens during the off-season that makes the wedding season run as smooth as possible. Today, I’m sharing 5 things I’m doing in the off season.

 5 Things I’m doing in the off season

1. Preparing for taxes. Not my favorite thing in the world to do, but it’s kinda necessary. I’m so thankful to have a wonderful bookkeeper to keep me on my toes. This has been my most prepared, although not perfect, year for having everything ready to go to our accountant.

2. Goals. January 1st isn’t a magical number where all the things align to create the perfect new year’s resolution list. I said, bye-bye-bye, to new year resolutions a few years ago and I haven’t looked back. Instead of writing a list of not-so-thought-out-resolutions, I dive deep into thoughtful goal setting. That all happens with my Powersheets. They have been an excellent tool for goal planning, setting action steps, and creating monthly next steps. They really help me to focus and set goals for what matters most in my business and personal life.

3. Updating/Reviewing Systems. Efficient systems are incredibly important as a business owner. During this off-season, I’m reviewing my client management system, and I’m also reviewing systems for keeping things balanced with work and home. I want all of my clients to have an amazing experience working with me, and that takes some thought. Work/life balance is always being reviewed as changes can be necessary as seasons of life change. Specifically, I’m testing out cooking and freezing meals in advance to help ease nightly meal planning.

4. Shooting a.k.a. Photographing. Personal projects have kept me shooting before during the off-season, but this season, I am thrilled to be photographing Women’s Portraits and Personal Branding at the studio. Not only do I get to photograph amazing women and the people that love them, I also get to keep shooting, making pictures, telling stories, enhancing the brands of other business owners, and meeting beautiful people.

5. Having FUN. I will tell you the whole story about this later, but for now, just know that this girl is adding more fun to her life this year. Fun with my favorite people, and a whole lot of self-care. Tonight, I’m going SALSA dancing – YES!!

That’s it! Those are 5 things that I’m doing in the off season. Perhaps, I should have said 5 of the 105 things I’m doing in the off-season.

I love what I get to do! I have the best job in the world!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday!


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Happy New Year & Something New at the Studio | Mendon, MA Photographer

Happy New Year!! I don’t know about you, but it’s taking me some time to settle into the new year. It might have something to do with the consistent days of freezing temperatures, the bomb cyclone that we experienced last week, and the numerous cups of hot cocoa that I’ve consumed to stay warm while sitting around the fire almost every day. To see the mercury going upwards in the thermometer brings a smile to my face. I’m all for enjoying the seasons, but I’d love for winter to go easier on us. Who’s with me?

This time last year, I was excitedly waiting for my studio move-in date. I was overjoyed to have a space to work each day that was cozy, warm, and welcoming. I knew that I would be able to host intimate workshops, meet with wedding clients, gather around the table to work on business ideas with other entrepreneurs, plan for WSN meetings, and fulfill a desire to make beautiful portraits.

I’ve done most of these things in this beautiful space, and I’m SO excited to officially announce that I am now offering Women’s Portraiture and Personal Branding at my studio here in Medway, MA. After years, yes years, of stopping and starting, figuring out how and when it’s finally happening. It feels amazing to say that Shawon Davis Photography specializes in weddings and portraiture for women. YAY!!

I believe each woman is distinctive and powerful in her own skin. I believe that she sews a story into existence with her actions and words. It’s a resilient tapestry, threaded with strength. It is a collection of the battles she has fought and the love stories she has written with the world around her.

Every day, she is sewing a story that deserves to be remembered.

Often we lose sight of the person in the mirror. That person matters and I hope you never forget it.

Without even knowing you, I know you deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin.

This portrait session will be a day for you, in a space to relax and breathe as I capture the beautiful, loved woman that you are.

The session includes hair and makeup, a wardrobe styled for you, and a photoshoot with me!

Personal branding sessions will also include hair and makeup and wardrobe styling to make photos that will help you build a classic brand that feels true to you. I want you to love your photos and use them to propel you to new places in life and work.

To say that I am excited is an understatement. These sessions have been in my heart for five years and I am happy to share this official announcement with you!

Next Saturday, January 20th. I am offering a Personal Branding Event. There are only 5 sessions available to keep your shoot fun and personable. Hair and Makeup is included and you will receive 3 High-Res Digital Images that you love to update your Headshot for 2018!

Contact me here to book!

Thank you for sharing my excitement!!

Cheers to 2018!!




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I thought I would be a history teacher. That was my dream. I got married, became a mom, homeschooled my kids for 10 years, and realized memories were slipping away from me too quickly. I picked up a camera and started documenting my loved ones like crazy. I watched my life change-these photos were a gift to others. They grew our family roots deeper. I ended up making history myself.


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