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Welcome to Shawon Davis Photography! Shawon is a Boston and New England wedding photographer who has called New England home for over a decade.  Shawon Davis Photography was established in 2011 as Shawon brought her love for roots and backstories into her photography. She believes in tangible keepsakes and keeping what matters most at the forefront.  
Shawon has served as a wedding photographer in Rhode Island, a wedding photographer in Connecticut, a wedding photographer in New Hampshire, a wedding photographer in Vermont, and a wedding photographer in Boston.  She also enjoys traveling to top wedding venues in Cape Cod for weddings in the peak season of summer. 
She spent the first half of her career as a lead New England wedding photographer, but also as a second photographer and as a wedding photography freelancer building a body of beautiful work, defining her style, working in her business, learning her craft well, and attending intensive workshops as a student of master photographers Cliff Mautner and Parker Pfister both among the top wedding photographers in the world.  This year marks the five year anniversary for Shawon Davis Photography. Shawon has photographed almost 70 weddings, over 100 portrait sessions, and she has built a photography studio that gives her clients a boutique experience that focuses on relationships with clients and their families.  Shawon takes on a limited number of weddings each year to give each of her clients the attention and experience that they deserve.  
Shawon Davis Photography brides are brides who care for others and loves her friends and family with all she has.  She is a bride with a classic and timeless style who believes in holding tight to what matters most.  She is iconic and honest, humble and beautiful.  She believes in making moments last.
Shawon would love to chat with you about your wedding day and leave you with pictures from your wedding day that will tell your story, remind you of what matters most, and bring you joy for years to come. Contact Shawon here.